Put your Snuggie away and find some allies

Woman in Snuggie

I drove by a construction site on my way to work this morning. A piece of safety equipment caught my attention. It was a cone that read: ‘Danger, men working above’. On the surface, it was accurate. I should be careful, and the people working above the sign were men. It also made me consider how it would feel to be one of the few women working on the site. To walk by an overt reminder that you are different. Every day.

What do you mean, be human?

Robot at work

One of my opening moves as team leader was to bring the small group together for a kickoff, and to tell them how much I looked forward to working together, and talk a little about my leadership style. The first part of the conversation went as expected. I started off by saying, ‘to start with, I want us to be human together’. This was met with a long, awkward pause.