About Kathryn

Having a hard to pronounce last name like Montbriand means I am not very particular about what people call me – Kathryn or Katie will get my attention, or ‘K’.

My journey has taken me from the (sometimes) frozen tundra of Minnesota to a startup consulting firm in San Diego and a business school in Barcelona, with a stop in Hyderabad where I investigated financial inclusion. I spent six years in Washington, D.C. and have now returned to Minneapolis, where I live with my husband, Chad, and our cat, Stella.

A recent stint as Chief of Staff has added skills like speechwriter and culture advisor to my more traditional finance, marketing and strategy repertoire. I am passionate about inclusion, and about understanding about how humans interact with change. Fortunately, I have found ways to bring these elements into my day job at a bank and expect to be a lifelong student of both.

When I’m not working, I enjoy watching live theatre, walking by the Mississippi River (or any body of water), and training in pursuit of my goal to do a pull-up.