Alissa Montbriand

About Alissa

I go by ‘A’.  Because I write a lot of emails.  And signing ‘A’ is a heck of a lot shorter than writing Alissa Montbriand.  Efficiency is next to godliness.

I hail from the silicon prairie of Minneapolis, but have made stops in Phoenix, Boston and Tampa along the way.  I am probably one of the few marketers with an investment banking background.  Likely due to my never-ending quest to learn new things.  Other unique skills include the ability to make anything into a powerpoint slide, multi-task while on the treadmill, and come up with creative ideas for team engagement (at least I think so).

My family consists of my husband, Dexter, and a Siberian cat, Nika.  We can be found on weekends in the North Loop at Moose & Sadies and Modist Brewing.