Five questions for a better self-appraisal

Think differently about self-appraisal

Performance management. Self-appraisal. Assessments. No one enjoys performance management These words strike fear and dread into the hearts of corporate warriors everywhere. I have yet to find anyone, even my friends in HR, who enjoy going through the annual process of evaluating performance. A few reasons why this is such an unpleasant associate experience:   […]

Reflections from the road: 10 hours in Hollywood

waiting out the layover

I’m coming to you from a ten-hour layover in Fort Lauderdale. You read that right, ten hours at Hollywood International Airport.  Landed at noon, leave at 10pm. You may be expecting to hear a travel horror story about being stuck in an admittedly non-glamorous airport (even though it is called Hollywood) for so long. I admit […]