To the women who came before me

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I have a fundamental belief that the march towards equality should always move forward.  Sometimes moving much more slowly than I would like, but never stopping and definitely never moving backward.  After all, one can’t march backwards.

Events of the past year have shaken that belief.  It was deeply disconcerting to find that what I had thought all along to be a certain truth, was in fact not.  It felt like a punch in the gut.

Speaking with other professional women and friends, they felt it too.  A sinking feeling that we had let gains that were hard won by the women who came before us slip away.  Questioning if we had let ourselves become too complacent.  Questioning our naivety in thinking that rights that were won couldn’t be taken away.

Enter Saturday – filled with pink hats, witty signs, and hundreds of thousands of supporters.  The massive participation in the Women’s March on Washington and the sister marches across the globe has restored my hope for continued progress.  Equality must and will march forward.

To the women who came before me:

Thank you for giving us a voice. 

Thank you for not taking the easy route. 

Thank you for being role models for those who follow. 

Thank you for giving us unlimited options.


To the women and men who stand with me:

We are strong.

We are persistent.

We are many.


And now for the obligatory Powerpoint:

Key Dates in U.S. Women's History